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Sourcing the very finest raw materials means travelling around the world. Loro Piana has journeyed to distant lands and the farthest corners of the globe in the pursuit of excellence.
Because a commitment to constant improvement means continuing to strive for perfection.

The Queen of the Andes

The mountain plateaus of Peru and Argentina are home to the finest, rarest animal fibre in the world: vicuña, a diminutive member of the camel family that was once worshipped by the Incas. Loro Piana is now the world's foremost processor of vicuña, the finest fibre that can be legally gathered from an adult animal, with an average diameter of only 12.5-13 microns. The fibre is gathered once every two years and each adult produces about 250 grams of fleece that, once the coarser hairs are removed, goes down to only 120 - 150 grams. Feather-light and exquisitely soft, this precious raw material lends fabrics a truly unique handfeel.

The Treasure of Oceania
Merino Wool

Loro Piana's travels also take it to Australia and New Zealand, where merino sheep have found their ideal habitat. Their fleece yields the world's highest quality wool, which is ultra-fine, soft and lustrous. Superfine wools are a rare and precious material. Of the 75 million sheep currently present in Australia, only 18 million produce wool which is under 19 microns in diameter. Every year Loro Piana is proud to buy the Record Bales, the very finest bales of wool produced annually in Australia and New Zealand. The finest of the two receives a special award, giving rise to a stimulating competition between the farms involved.

Mongolia's Gold

Mongolia is where the finest lots of this highly prized fibre come from. By working directly in the countries in question Loro Piana has built a privileged relationship with the herders who breed the Hircus goats which produce cashmere. Once a year the precious fleeces are harvested using a delicate combing process which is totally harmless to the animals. Each goat yields around 450-500 grams of rawmaterial every year; after the coarse outer hairs are removed this goes down to no more than 250 grams. Because only the highest quality cashmere is used to make Loro Piana yarns and fabrics.

Naturally Unique
Pecora Nera®

Pecora Nera® is the result of 20 years of hard work by a New Zealand breeder determined to restore the dignity and importance of the black Merino sheep. Through careful selection, crossing only the animals with the particular genetic heritage, the original characteristics of the sheep were slowly revealed, such as the bright, very strong wool and distinctive inherent colours ranging from mixed browns through to black. Thanks to this enduring effort and passion, the Pecora Nera® breed now thrives in its original state, producing naturally dark, exceptionally high quality wool. Pecora Nera® is ultra-soft, comfortable, durable and exceptionally light, ideal for wear in the transitional seasons. By using this exquisite and rare fibre, Loro Piana can produce extra fine garments and fabrics that possess unique insulating properties in a dynamic range of naturally dark tones.


A world of excellence
from Loro Piana.

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